The Suitcase Lay Open | 100 Word Challenge

The doctors had done all they could. The young mother pulled at a drawer in the hospital room to reveal rumpled clothes haphazardly tossed inside. Early in her stay, the clothes had been meticulously organized, but now other priorities reigned.

The suitcase lay open on the adjustable bed no longer occupied by her daughter. She started to pack while making a mental list.

She would need to call her pastor and schedule a date.

The doctors had indeed done all they could, and now she had to schedule the baptism. How incredible it felt to be packing up and heading homeā€¦ as a family.


3 thoughts on “The Suitcase Lay Open | 100 Word Challenge

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  2. Oh my goodness! I was so sure this would have a different ending, had prepared myself, and then a final twist, but in a positive direction for once, the joy of relief. Lovely!

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