I am thinking about Jot t-shirts.

As I was working on the next Jot Writers’ Conference, I was posed a question by friend & writer, Susie Finkbeiner.

“Are there going to be Jot t-shirts?” she asked.

“Hmm,” I said. “Maybe.”

So here’s the deal. IF there is interest in Jot t-shirts and IF there is a good design and IF we can raise funds before creating the shirts out of my pocket alone, THEN we can make up some t-shirts.

I’ve already got a quote on making 75 white shirts of various sizes, and I know that the shirts are good quality and comfortable to wear (we used the same shirt for a project at work), so now we need to secure the design and the funding. Here are some options (you can click each shirt to see a larger image).

If you have other options or ideas, please let me know soon. Otherwise, please take a moment and vote for the designs below.

I think the cost of the shirts will be about $10 each, and we’ll make it in a full run of sizes. If this works, you’ll be hearing from me again soon with a link to Indiegogo.com so we can get the project funded.

Given that I’m may be a bit behind the gun to get this done before the spring Jot, we may be shooting for the fall one. Either way, your opinion is very important to me.


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