Introducing a New Word: Snoveling

snovelingMy pal, Jessie Clemence, just wrote a wonderful blog post about shoveling snow in Michigan. But the graphic that displayed on her Facebook link cut off the upper part of the “h” in shoveling, so it looked like snoveling, which isn’t a word… yet.

Here’s what I’m thinking. You know that part of crying where your tears mix with the contents of your nostrils and you start dripping from more than just your eye sockets? It’s a form of ugly crying. As a snottier version of sniveling, I propose that we dub this type of crying “snoveling”.

Example of use in a sentence:

“Stop snoveling and get yourself a tissue. You look disgusting.”

Perhaps some day in the future, someone will be doing an etymology study on snoveling and they’ll track it back here. You could be getting in on the ground floor of something big, just by saying “snoveling” more than you do currently.

What do you think? Can we make this the word of the year for 2015? You bet your snoveling nasal passages we can!

3 thoughts on “Introducing a New Word: Snoveling

  1. Snoveling happens to me when I shovel snow…and what do you do with it? Your hands are frozen and it’s impossible to reach into your pocket for a tissue. The whole snow moving torture turns me into a snoveling mess!

  2. Ha! I’m so far behind in my blog reading I didn’t even see my note from WP telling me about this link. I reworked that graphic twice to make it fit in Facebook’s specs and it failed both times. Now I see it as providential– Snoveling it is!

  3. I was speaking to a group last fall, and I was telling a story about shoveling snow, but it came out “snoveling.” It’s totally a word now.

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