Icebreaker #3 | What’s your favorite movie? Why?

This is the third installment of my Icebreaker series. We’re really getting to know each other now, aren’t we? (For further reading, feel free to brush up on the rest of the posts on this blog. There are a few.)

What’s your favorite movie? Why?

My favorite movie is probably Wes Anderson’s classic film, The Royal Tenenbaums.

royal_tenenbaumsIt has a fantastic cast, is rich, deep, and funny, and is narrated by Alec Baldwin. How many films even have a narrator these days? Also, the soundtrack is incredible, the characters are memorable and quirky, and it just looks beautiful.

But my favorite part about it is how redemptive it is. Royal Tenenbaum is a selfish monster throughout the film, until he realizes through time spent with his family that the thing he is pretending to want is what he’s been needing the whole time.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen The Royal Tenenbaums, but I can tell you that I never tire of watching it. If you’ve never seen it, give it a chance. And if you want someone to watch it with, send me an invite. I’m always up for another screening.

2 thoughts on “Icebreaker #3 | What’s your favorite movie? Why?

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