I am one week into my new job.

I’m officially a cubicle-dweller. It is a nice cubicle though. It is full of viking decorations and books. I mean, can a person really ask for more from a workplace than that?

It’s been a busy week. I feel like I hit the ground running, even though I’m still trying to tie my shoes and I don’t know what the course looks like. But I’m not too worried. I’ll catch up to the pack soon enough and I seem to be surrounded by people who will help me up when I fall.

As to what I’ve been doing this week, aside from the many meetings related to orientation and paperwork for the HR department, I’ve been:

  • deciding the cover art for an upcoming praise and worship CD.
  • deciding how an upcoming trade catalog is laid out.
  • creating online graphics for an author whose book just released.
  • drafting a request for a forward for an upcoming book.
  • assigning prices to books and apps.
  • selecting products for specific advertising pieces.
  • and doing a lot of other things that I cannot at the moment remember.

Aside from the typical work stuff, I also got to sit in on a company-wide chapel service (they happen every Wednesday before lunch) and I was inducted into a group of guys who play magicMagic (the card strategy game) off-site at a local coffee shop (they used to play in the lunchroom, but they got strange looks for playing a card game that features demonic looking pictures on the cards). Oh, and I attended a lunchtime film festival and shared this beauty.

This next week, I’ll be working on a few upcoming inter-departmental campaigns and attending more meetings. In short, my life has become a bit more like a Dilbert comic, but I’m finally working in publishing, which is awesome!

Stay tuned as I attempt to share my experiences and maybe some insider publishing knowledge.


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