On Making Shareable Images for Social Media Applications

Did you know that Facebook posts with images perform better than posts without? True fact.

One of the first things that I was asked to do in my new job was to help an author whose book had just been published. She was excited about her book and wanted to know what else she could do to promote it herself.

Now, before I go any further, let me just say how important it is for an author to promote their own books. It’s vital! If you don’t believe in your own writing enough to tell your friends about it, how can you expect anyone else to get excited about it?

Okay, so there was this author who was just looking for some basic self-promotion and marketing tactics. I decided that a good way to help her would be to show her how to start a 30-day social media campaign using graphics that she can make and use by herself.

“But I don’t know anything about making graphics,” you say. “I’m new to computers in general and I have no artistic ability.”

Don’t be such a Negative Nancy. You can do it. There are websites to help you.

The site I recommended to the aforementioned author was canva.com, but another you can use is picmonkey.com. Both of these sites are free to use (though they do have content that can cost you money, depending on how pretty you want your graphic to be), and feature simple tutorials to get you started.

Once you start a free account with one of the aforementioned image sites, I would recommend using a basic square image design. Square images are useful across multiple social media platforms (blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.).

If you have a finalized book cover, you can download it from your publisher’s website. Next, upload that image to one of the image sites and insert some short-but-dynamite quotes from your book in a text box. Use a nice background that somehow reflects the sentiments of your quote (or at least does not detract from it). And put a link to your product, website, or blog somewhere near the edge of your graphic so that when it is shared via social media, people will still know where they can buy your book.

If you don’t have a book cover yet, you can still use the above formula for your blog. The more engagement you have on your blog, the more likely it is that you have words worth reading, thus the more likely it is that your publishing dreams will come true.

Good luck and God speed!

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