On Marketing Your Book with Blog Swaps & Blog Tours

The following is taken from a project that I’ve been working on at my job. It is part of a resource for authors to use upon the release of their book into the marketplace. But this post is applicable to anyone looking to grow their platform. Enjoy!

Perhaps you have a blog of your own. Here are a couple of ways you can use it:

A blog swap works just like it sounds. Contact a fellow blogger and trade posts. You send a post to them to put up on their site and they send you a post to put up on your blog. This gets your writing in front of their readers and vice-versa. Everyone wins.

blog_swaps_and_blog_toursA blog tour amplifies the effects of a blog swap, and a successful one is months in the making. Where blog swaps are reciprocal, blog tours don’t have to be. Basically, it is a virtual book tour that takes your writing to new audiences on new blogs. You will be sending content (a post, an interview, etc.) to a number of blogs for them to post, then you direct your readers to their blogs. You are basically trading exposure for the participating blogs. The tour can cover any amount of time that you decide.

First, make a list of bloggers whose content would lend itself to your audience and where you can write something that will appeal to their audience. For example, you may want to write a lighthearted post for a blogger who typically writes humorous posts, but you may want to share your writing process on a blog that appeals to a more literary audience. Your goal is to convince the readers of other blogs that they want to read what you’ve written.

You will need to decide for yourself which blogs you will approach. Some authors may focus on only those blogs with large readership. Others may be willing to focus on a more grassroots effort and focus on smaller blogs. To generate the list of bloggers you will ask to feature you in a blog tour, go to the blogs that you read first, ask your Facebook friends who blog, and work out to their connected blogs as long as you think your writing and their readership are a good fit.

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