I am in(to) Fluxx.

My wife and I are going through another season of change in our lives. Within the last month, I started my new job at Discovery House. And in a week, my wife will start her new job as senior accountant at a business right down the road from me. We’ll be able to carpool again, but even better than that, we feel like these new positions are good steps forward for us.

And now that we both have new jobs in the area, it is unlikely that we’ll be moving south (please pray with us that Michigan will become a more tropical place), so we’re looking at new housing options too. The point in all of this is that in our lives at the moment, change is the constant.

But that is okay. We were prepared for change.

We have Fluxx skills in our back pockets.

4346-thickboxWhat is Fluxx? It is a game where the rules keep changing. It is perhaps the best analogy for life as represented by gameplay that I’ve seen (yes, even better than the game of Life).

Not only do the rules change, but the goal of the game changes as well, so strategy skills only get you so far. You need to be able to make the most of the opportunities that you have, but at the same time, you need to roll with the punches when the rules and goals change.

That’s the part that I think is a lot like our lives at the moment. My wife and I have new jobs. We’re looking at new housing options. The rules of our lives are changing. We need to be open to adjusting our strategies, open to new goals. And we need to have fun while we do it.

How do you deal with change?


4 responses to “I am in(to) Fluxx.

  1. Methodically, more cautiously and carefully than in the past. There is a period in our lives I look back upon and remember the constant flux. It stressed me out to have too much change all at once. If I had a lot of change in one sphere it was easier to deal with if other roles or spheres were more stable. But when we lost our entire support network and experienced death at the same time as financial crisis, flux was not a happy word. Then I rediscovered stained glass.

  2. (please pray with us that Michigan will become a more tropical place),
    When Winter gets me down… as it does sometimes… I fill my living room with all my plants. It becomes a excellent room to relax, have supper, watch TV… to just commune. Not the tropics… but not bad.

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