Psychological Warfare

A little while ago, I happened upon a list of psychology tricks that a person can use in order to manipulate others. I immediately loved it. I think psychology is probably one of the closest things to a superpower that non-mutants can possess. Just take a look at this list.


Now I really want to play rock paper scissors with someone. Of course if you read this post, you can easily thwart me by throwing paper (which covers rock, which still makes no sense to me since the worst thing a paper can do is give paper cuts and rocks really hurt). Or maybe I’d be anticipating that…


This is really handy in a bookstore setting from a bookseller’s point of view. It can be a good way to get a book into a person’s hands. Psychology also states that once a person has held something, even for a brief time, they are more likely to buy it because holding something triggers something in our brains that gives us a sense of ownership over that thing. And then the challenge is to get the book or item back out of their hand and hold it for them at the checkout counter. You see, most people are reluctant to ask an employee to re-shelve an item and will buy it out of guilt over the amount of work they will cause if they do so.


I’ve tried this with my wife. I also like to pester her incessantly instead of waiting silently for her to continue talking. I think both are effective.


My bosses never appreciated this one, mainly because it is super awkward when I bring my chair around to their side of the desk to sit next to them. But I suppose this would work better in meetings that consist of more than two people. I guess if I ever find myself in this type of situation, I’ll try it, but I’ll just work hard at not making other people mad at me in the first place.

Do you have any favorite psychological tricks? How would you feel about people using these on you?

For the full list of tricks, visit here.

4 thoughts on “Psychological Warfare

  1. Love this. ” I think psychology is probably one of the closest things to a superpower that non-mutants can possess.” I know you have no TV, and wouldn’t watch it if you had one, but Rock, Paper, Scissors is so last century. It is now, according to Big Bang Theory, “Rock, Paper, Lizard, Scissors, Spock”. Here are the rules if you care to test your pyschological prowess to the next degree.
    BTW – Totally know the “carrying thing” works, I use it on Uncle Mark every time we return from a store with more than 2 small bags. I have ever since I shattered my wrist. Or else, he just feels sorry for me.

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