Sheridan Voysey is Coming to West Michigan!

sheridan_voysey_booksigningI probably should have let you know sooner, but you still have time to cancel your other plans. Next Monday (April 27th), Sheridan Voysey is coming to Grand Rapids. He’ll be doing a speaking and book signing event at Baker Book House at 7pm.

You are probably thinking that Sheridan’s name sounds familiar, but you can’t quite place it. Sheridan is the author of Resurrection Year (which I reviewed here) and has some books coming out soon from my publisher, Discovery House. He is the former host of one of the top radio shows in Australia, now residing and working from his new home in Oxford, England. He writes, he speaks, he’s awesome.

Check out his story (and his accent!):

I encourage you to come to Sheridan’s event next Monday. He’s come from half a world away just to be with us in West Michigan. His new book, Resilient, comes out in October.

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