Icebreaker #13 | Do you have any million dollar ideas?

This is the thirteenth installment of my Icebreaker series. Open your wallets.

Do you have any million dollar ideas?

When I wasn’t busy wanting to be a fireman (a dream that died when I met a fireman as a kindergartener who scoffed at the wisdom of jumping out of open upper-level windows with an umbrella as Mary Poppins often did in order to escape a burning house (not that I’m still bitter)) or an astronaut (no mean astronauts killed this dream, just my color blindness), I fancied the notion of being an inventor.

1433916_33601185I was first fascinated by magnets and imagined a vehicle that took advantage of magnetic resistance to stay aloft while alternating charges to move forward. But then I found out that Maglev trains stole my idea years before I even thought about it. And so I moved on to other ideas.

The one that I think stands the best chance of working in the real world is a specialized yogurt spoon. If you’ve ever had yogurt from one of those individual serving cups (especially the inverted cup design that Yoplait uses), you know that it is impossible–no matter how much you scrape–to get the last bit of yogurt out. And people look at you funny when you try to do the job with your tongue.

Think of how much yogurt is wasted around the world everyday.

Enter “The Spoonula.” Named as such because it is part spoon, part spatula. Think of a normal spoon, the edges of which are made of rubber and flexible like a spatula. No yogurt spoon, no matter how insanely designed, would stand a chance.

And since I am now writing this, I’m sure that I will discover them in the store tomorrow. I’m also sure that I won’t be the beneficiary of my million dollar idea, since I am sharing it online for free. So if you are reading this and decide to make them without me, I can’t be mad at you. Maybe just give me 49% of the profits, okay?

3 thoughts on “Icebreaker #13 | Do you have any million dollar ideas?

  1. I was just reading an article this morning in Time magazine about this inventor network called Quirky that takes idea submissions, pits them against other ideas, and then builds and sells the best ideas. They profit share with the idea submitter and can even partner with big companies (Mattel, GE, etc.) to produce and market the final product if it fits with those brands. The creative guy gets to share his idea and see if it’s viable without needing to know how to implement and execute the harder parts of inventing. You should go submit whatever you can think of and maybe you’ll be able to buy a Spoonula in a couple years (and make a small fortune from the millions of other people that buy one).

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