Friday 5 | Click-worthy Links

Wireless Computer Mouse with Wheel

Here are 5 more places online worth checking out:

  1. The English language is terrible. I’m so glad I’m a native speaker.
  2. Sometimes when you think you’ve burned your bridges to a better future by speaking your mind, you get the best job ever.
  3. In case you haven’t heard, Christianity in America is on the decline. What are your thoughts?
  4. I’m going to be honest. I haven’t read this linked article because I ran out of time. But I’m including it anyway because it was written by an amazing writer–Jasper Fforde.
  5. What if I told you that the “half of all marriages end in divorce” thing that we’ve all heard is a lie? True fact.



2 responses to “Friday 5 | Click-worthy Links

    • Read the first one out loud, chuckling all the way. The best job ever was fascinating! Sometimes it really pays to speak up! Unfortunately, I already knew Christianity is declining, and it makes me sad for the world. Jasper’ s article was very thought provoking. I had never considered what fantasy writers would do when their stiff came true. I’m very encouraged to hear the divorce rate is declining. Yay! That gives me hope.

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