Readgeek, a Website Recommendation

This is going to be a short one. I would normally include something like this on my Friday links post, but I don’t want to risk it going unseen by the people who ignore those. If you are a reader, read on.

When it comes to choosing books to read, there are three ways that I find material:

  1. I read a new book from an author I enjoy.
  2. I read an old book that I’ve read before.
  3. I read a book that has been recommended to my by someone I trust.

readgeekThanks to technology, there is now a fourth option. Readgeek is a predictive reading website that recommends books based on how you rate other books you’ve read. In some ways, it does the same thing that Goodreads does, but it doesn’t require the community aspect (which can be a drain on actual reading time).

Anyway, after playing around with Readgeek a bit, I found the recommendations to be pretty accurate (at least in that I told it some books that I liked and it recommended other books that I liked). Go play around with it and tell me what you think below!


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