10 Pet Peeves

Last year, I wrote a post about things that would immediately endear someone to me. Today, we’ll look at the other side of that coin. These are a few of my pet peeves.

  1. People who walk slowly in cross walks.
  2. People who say “nuke-u-ler” instead of “nuclear”.
  3. People who leave a message of “I have a question for you” instead of just asking the question in the message.
  4. People who can’t park a car within the space.
  5. pet_peevePeople who leave shopping carts in the parking lot when the cart corral is like ten feet away.
  6. People who ignore their misbehaving children.
  7. People who confuse “you’re” and “your”.
  8. People who wear their baseball caps backward.
  9. People who play Christmas music out of season (out of season is anytime that is not between Thanksgiving Day and New Year’s Day).
  10. People who put the toilet paper on the dispenser backward.

What things annoy you?

13 thoughts on “10 Pet Peeves

  1. I like the Facebook feedback so far BTW. Your list tells me a few things.

    #1 Tells me you have not experienced chronic pain and disability yet. That is good. People who walk slowly in cross walks is not a pet peeve of mine because I would rather have them walk slowly than fall. Then again, I’ve lived daily for several years with a person who was happy to just be walking. Definitely not my #1.

    #2 – You prefer the British pronunciation to the Midwest twang? Me too but I wouldn’t include on my list of peeves.

    #3 – Was my #1 pet peeve for 25 years. Not anymore. Let me add that the folks who did this would do it even after my inbox message said: “leave your name, phone number, and short message regarding what you need from me.” Telling me you have a question is NOT telling me what you need from me. Nope, don’t do it. #phone – not a big fan

    #4 – I don’t care. Refer to #1. I usually presume they cannot see the lines or are elderly – unless it is an expensive sports vehicle or mid-life crisis car — in which case the temptation to key their doors for parking diagonally to protect their “property” is nearly insurmountable.

    #5 – See #1. Not a peeve for me, my compassion usually wins. For elderly, disabled, young moms with children, etc. I don’t like it, but I attempt to understand it. I also know of 2 parking lots in my town, which have inconsistently sized parking spaces. Some wide, some narrow. Unless the drivers are very observant, they often just park in the first open spot – even if it is sized for compact cars. Love those SUV’s trying to exit those spaces. Clogs up the entire works. Note however, unless my legs are broken, I’m hoofing that cart to the corral and I think it is generally rude behavior by someone capable of making that walk. (Refer to friend and children remark by another observer).

    Your #6 is MY #1. Absolutely drives me buggy. Your children are misbehaving, be a parent first. Then be whatever…do whatever…

    #7 Yes yes yes. Also includes people who misuse There, Their, and They’re. Bat-crap crazy – I tell you, probably my #2. Capitalization is not my pet peeve. (Tee hee).

    #8 I don’t care how they wear their hats, baseball or otherwise. If you don’t understand a sun visor is to keep sun out of your eyes and face, you get what you deserve via Ol’ Mister Sun. Doesn’t even make my mildly annoyed list.

    #9, Josh, I must say I strongly disagree with you on this one. The 12 days of Christmas — which is an official church season for many billions of people — begins Christmas Day and goes until January 6th. Don’t you dare stop playing before that. But don’t start before Dec 1 either. Just don’t. I’d move up to #3 that the Christmas music both starts and stops too soon. I am a big fan of Advent music before Christmas carols or other secular holiday songs.

    #10. I would tend to agree with you if I lived alone, but in my life at this point, I’m thrilled if it ends up in the dispenser at all, instead of the counter or sink top.

    Other Pet peeves that bother me are:
    See #1, #2 and #3 which hits both our lists, but re-ordered above.
    #4 Corruption – (I do live in IL after all.)
    #5 Senseless death and wars with no clear purpose or need.
    #6 Human rights violations
    #7, Human trafficking, racism, discrimination, and bullying or belittling, rudeness, or dehumanizing another person. (Some would say #6b)
    #8. Animal abuse – including dog fighting or abuse/neglect, ivory and other poaching of endangered or nearly endangered spies, as well as and taking wild animals from the wild into private collections or zoos and abandonment of animals for goofy “reasons”.
    #0 People who speak their intentions, or try to people please by giving appearance of cooperation, but never follow through with their agreement or promise. These people, do not speak their “word”, they lie to avoid unpleasantness, instead of providing a clear yes or no. Drives me buggy. At the same time, as a person who has health struggles, I find – at times – I am unable to keep my commitment, so I am becoming more careful about giving a yes in the first place.
    #10 People who call me too early or too late. I will usually pick up from 9am to 9pm or perhaps even to 10pm, but do not call me outside that time range unless you or someone I love is dieing, or if you do want voice mail. Oh, and guess what, sometimes just having the phone ring — when I am unable to answer — is a pet peeve. #phone – not a big fan. #text better.
    #11 Disrespectful behavior in any holy site of any religion. If you can’t show respect for the beliefs of others, don’t visit that site. Be kind, always.

    Sorry it is so long. Caught me.

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