A Blog Post about the Death of Blogging

A friend at the publishing house where I work recently sent around this article titled, “Why Bloggers Are Calling It Quits.” The article cites a couple prominent writers who blazed the blogging trail but have recently abandoned the blogosphere. It got me thinking about whether I should jump ship as well.

After all, there are some compelling reasons to stop blogging.

  • I would have more time with my family.
  • It hasn’t earned me any money.
  • I could apply my writing time to long-form projects that may actually get published.
  • This isn’t the first time that I’ve struggled with the value of my blog (ex. 1 & 2).
  • If founding members of the blogging movement are getting out of the craft, maybe it signals a shift in the industry, not just in my personal life.

I ATE'NT DEADBut, in spite of these reasons, I’m not done blogging. Not yet, anyway. Here are my responses to my own reasons to quit.

  • My wife encourages me to write because she knows it fills me and because it gives her an insight into part of who I am.
  • Though it hasn’t earned me any money directly, it has opened doors to speaking at writers’ conferences (even starting writers’ conferences), which has led to getting paid for speaking.
  • I have expanded my writing community exponentially.
  • For the times I have struggled with its value, I have kept writing anyway.
  • I don’t want my actions to be dictated by what someone else thinks is right for them (unless it is against the law or something, obviously).
  • I’ve been developing my writing skills, not only in the quality of the stuff I write but in the fact that I’m putting my buns in a chair and dedicating time to writing on a daily basis.

So I’m going to keep on writing, popularity be damned. Yes, one day my children or my grandchildren will look at me with shame in their eyes that I ever participated in what can be a vainglorious pursuit, but I’ll just give them the stink eye right back and say, “Keep it up and I’ll blog about you!”


4 thoughts on “A Blog Post about the Death of Blogging

  1. Interesting post! I too have wondered if I should continue blogging for all the reasons you name. But, at the end of the day I too will continue blogging for all of the reasons you mentioned as well (; during these years of busy parenthood with small children, it is often the only consistent writing practice I get in (as inconsistent as it is! LOL). Over the last couple of years I’ve realized that it’s ok if it’s just for me, my family and a few others… I’m not sure I would want the pressure those big bloggers have to always be producing so quickly and constantly… Good writing must marinate!!

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