This is not ministry. Part III

The plot thickens in the Family Christian Stores bankruptcy case.

I wasn’t expecting to write again so soon. At the last update, it looked like the winning bid by Family Christian’s sister organization had gone through, which would have given the company a few more months to restructure after dropping their debt and keep going. But last week, the judge threw the bid out.

A Family Christian Store at 3150 Alpine Ave. N.W. is shown in this file photo. (File photo | Mlive Media Group)

A Family Christian Store at 3150 Alpine Ave. N.W. is shown in this file photo. (File photo | Mlive Media Group)

In a sad yet unsurprising move, the CEOs of the organizations involved in the bankruptcy settlement violated protocol during the bidding process which resulted in something like insider trading. You can read more about the situation here and here.

So what is next?

Family Christian Stores goes back up for bid. Is anyone out there looking to buy a chain of nominally Christian retail stores who have dragged Christianity through the mud at nearly every turn?

We’ll see shortly.

8 thoughts on “This is not ministry. Part III

  1. How has FCS “dragged Christianity through the mud” AT EVER TURN? I don’t get it. I see how the last turn or two is a pretty awful witness (and, as an author whose books were there through a consignment deal between FCS and HarperCollins, I’m personally affected by it), but what was wrong with all the turns before that?

    • Good admonition. My bias leads me down the path of hyperbole. Take it with a grain of salt.
      I will say that I had issues with them prior to the bankruptcy debacle. For instance, if a non-Christian walks into a Family Christian store, what is the portrayal of Christ? Primarily gift products with the mandatory verse or cross printed on them, perhaps a few books gathering dust in the corner. In my experience with the Family Christian store locally (and I am sure that there are plenty of people who can say otherwise), the employees weren’t knowledgeable about their products and I usually felt like they’d rather be elsewhere. Add to that the whole “open on Sundays” thing, and I just don’t view them as portraying a positive image of Christianity. And now, there’s the whole stealing from charities, insider trading, and ripping off publishers and authors stuff on top of it.
      But you were right to admonish. They probably could have dragged Christianity through the mud a bit more if they wanted to.

  2. Let me add that your experience at your one store may be unique. Our staffs generally go through deep product training.

    As for gifts with verses…sure…some of its silly. But just when I think that, I see a tearful person suffering in some way pick up an item that I would never choose, and tell me how and why that item is meaningful.

    But worship music, family movies, Gods Word….how are these things not ministering to our guests.

    I think what you are doing is a personal view, that isn’t shared by most of our guests.

  3. Josh, I so agree with you. Their business practices are not God-honoring. I have unsubscribed to their emails, and I need to delete my membership. It makes me sad, the way they’re carrying on.
    WE Christians have enough trouble as it is, dealing with the world, without this kinda mess from our own troops.

    • What are you basing “the way we are carrying on” on? Some blog?
      Its heartbreaking to see a company that has contributed to over 100,000 WV children being sponsored, To countless guests blessed in their time of need through encouraging books, music etc, being told that we are not God honoring. It is simply not true and those casting stones are completely being misled by blogs like this.

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