mosquitoIt is summer. You can tell that in Michigan because there’s construction everywhere and the bugs are merrily biting at any exposed flesh.

As we picked up the kids from Grandma and Grandpa’s house after work the other day, my wife noticed that my eldest daughter had made a few mosquito-related blood donations from her leg. Seeing that such bites garnered our attention and sympathy, the itchiness of the bites increased to where my daughter insisted that we put on some anti-itch cream like Grandma had done. So before heading home, we smeared a bit of cream on the bug bites, and that held things at bay for a while.

Unfortunately, the itchiness returned at bedtime. In this way, the itchiness seemed to be a bit opportunistic, as bedtime would be delayed while we searched our cupboards and medicine cabinets for anti-itch cream like Grandma had. I suspected that the bites weren’t really as itchy as my daughter made them out to be, so I told her about the best itch in the world: Placebo.

“Placebo is the best,” I said.

“For itchy bug bites?” queried my daughter.

“For lots of things,” I responded. “Doctors have been using it to treat all kinds of things for years and years. I think this will help you feel a lot better.”

So my wife went into the other room and squirted a little hand lotion into her palm. Once the lotion was administered, it was time for bed.

Would you like to guess how effective it was? We haven’t had to reapply it since.

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