I am the victim of a long con.


He said it after Sunday dinner a few weeks after I married his youngest daughter.

“Tell you what,” he said, “why don’t you have her during the week and then we get her back on the weekend. Her room is still set up and everything.”

“No deal,” I said. “I waited long enough to marry her and now I get to keep her.”

“Well,” he said to my bride, “whenever you want to move back in, you’ll be welcome.”

That conversation was just under ten years ago. My wife and I have moved from our apartment to a couple houses since then. We’ve had some kids, changed our jobs, and my wife has finished her undergrad degree and started on her masters. Little did we know that we’d be playing into my father-in-law’s hand all the while.

I may have mentioned this before, but we’re planning to put our house on the market soon. Our kids are at that age where we’d like to get established in a new school system and we’d like to stay put for the time it takes to get them educated. The only question is whether we’re going to find a house for our family of four or whether we are going to find a place large enough for her folks to live there too.

After all, they watch our kids for us while we work our full-time jobs, so we’re already going to their house everyday already. And if they want to winter in Florida in a few years, they won’t need to have someone watch their house, because we’ll already live there.

We’re all going in with our eyes open, but I had forgotten about my father-in-law’s comment until just recently.

“I knew that I’d get you back,” he told us at a recent get-together, “even if it did take a decade to do it.”

You win, Fil. You win.


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