10 Things I Get to Do at My Job

dh-logoBack when I first got my job as marketing manager at Discovery House–the book and music publishing arm of Our Daily Bread Ministries–I wrote quite a bit about the transition from Baker Book House. But aside from mentioning it in passing on here, I haven’t really talked about what it is that I do now.

So here are 10 Things I Get to Do at My Job.

  1. Interact with hundreds of thousands of people through the social media channels for which I am responsible (My Utmost for His Highest and Discovery House).
  2. Dine with fascinating authors and other professionals.
  3. Help decide book titles, cover images, and product prices.
  4. Suggest book and product ideas to our editorial team.
  5. Travel to conventions and conferences.
  6. Assist other teams within the ministry.
  7. Set my own schedule (more or less).
  8. Work with my friends (one of the guys in my writers group works there as well).
  9. Sit in multiple meetings daily (probably the least exciting aspect of my job).
  10. And carpool with my beautiful wife, DeAnne, who works just down the street (probably the most exciting aspect of my job).

I’ll probably go into detail on some of these things in the future, but if you have questions about what a marketing manager does at a publishing house, feel free to ask.


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