I am struggling.

I have been struggling with my blogging ambitions lately. Or rather, my lack thereof.

This man personifies my ambitions. He's obviously still there, but he's seen better days.

This man personifies my ambitions. He’s obviously still there, but he’s seen better days.

I’m a daily blogger, which, for me, means that I have fresh content on my blog on every day of the week except Sunday (even God rested (not that I am going to read any of my posts and declare that they are good)).  I’ve learned a ton about writing and about commitment (which is about 93% of writing anyway), but I go through these seasons where I look at my blog and the time that it takes and I wonder if it is worth it.

After all, I could be using that writing time for the stories that live in my head or for spending more time with my wife and family. Is it worth it to work by my self-imposed daily deadline to produce content for strangers with no monetary compensation?

I know that this is just one of those seasons where I ask. They come and go. But what brings them on in the first place? I think there are a couple of forces at work that make me want to take a break from blogging.

  • I’m busy – I started a new job about four months ago. It’s a great job, but it is a bit more demanding than my old one, both mentally and time-wise.
  • My numbers were down last week – It is summer, and I’ve been blogging for long enough now to know that people would rather be spending time in the sun than reading my blog. Schools are out and students aren’t looking for distractions from their homework by reading strangers’ blogs. Or maybe I just had poor content last week and no one wanted to read it. Anyway, it is discouraging to see a dip when I still put time into my writing.

I know that things will get easier, that this season will pass. I know that when autumn returns, my numbers will probably jump up again. But in the meantime, I’m still thinking about the novels that are inside me that aren’t getting written because I’m spending my time blogging.

So maybe I will take a little break. Who knows?

Anyway, please keep coming back. It means a lot to me that people read my stuff.

7 thoughts on “I am struggling.

  1. I’ve been feeling much the same about my blog recently. Just blah. But I’m afraid if I quit I’d miss out on…well…something. I just keep feeling like my time could be better spent. But then I have a blog post that really hits on something with my readers and that makes it all worth it.

    Don’t go away from the bloggy world, Josh! I’d miss you.

  2. In the summer I think it’s okay to take a break. I mean it’s summer and there is sun and water and strawberries to be had. Plus it’s okay to reevaluate what works for you. Different seasons and all that.

  3. I feel your pain, good sir. I feel tacky when I concentrate only on stats, but it’s a good indication of whether or not I’m connecting with readers.

    Then again, I’m too busy to read many blogs so I understand how others might also be too busy to read mine.

    So I don’t know what to think. I do know I have a lot of other things that need attention, for sure.

  4. Both posting on my blog and reading others have suffered the last couple of weeks but to be fair it was panic stations to book launch day lol I am hoping now to balance normal life, writing the next book and promoting this one with everything else, I do worry if I ever truly stop to relax for a few days I might not be able to get going again lol

  5. I haven’t posted on my blog since January, because I felt like I completely lost my spark. Not to mention that I’m a new-er blogger, when it comes to writing, anyway. I don’t have the fan base that you have or even the amount of likes you get on just one post. But I post anyway, hoping that someone someday will benefit or smile reading what I’ve written. If you do take a break from writing altogether, or a break for writing a novel, I wish you the best. 🙂

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