On Book Giveaway Contests

The following is excerpted from a piece that I wrote for my job called “I’m Published! Now What?” It’s meant for those first-time published authors to do a bit of self-promotion for their new book, but the same rules could be applied to other things that need promoting (like a blog).

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Book giveaway contests are fun opportunities to reward the people who already follow you and get your writing into the hands of those who may not. Here are a few simple strategies for social media book giveaway contests.

You can:

  1. Invite people to like the post in which you announce the giveaway contest. Be sure to include an image of the book that you are giving away. Choose at random the winner from among the people who “liked” the post. Contact them via private message and announce in the comments when the contest is over.
  2. Have people leave a comment on your post and choose the winner from among the commenters. This encourages engagement with you and is more of an investment on their part.
  3. Invite people to post a video to your page. You choose what the video should be. Is it a testimonial about you or your writing? Is it a homemade commercial for your book? You decide. The advantage here is that when people create something, their own social circles are more likely to watch it, thus expanding your reach into their personal circles.
  4. Invite some feedback by having people comment between two different options. If you are writing a new book, invite people to give feedback on chapter titles or specific phrases. When people have input into your writing, they feel more connected to your final product.

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