300 Word Story | A Taste of Summer


“Hey Don, where are the chocolate sprinkles?” asked Jenny. Two bowls of vanilla ice cream sat on the counter beside a freshly microwaved jar of hot fudge. Jenny looked around and noticed a cupboard labeled “TOPPINGS.”

“Nevermind,” she said, opening the cupboard door. “I see them. But they spilled all over the place.”

“What was that?” asked Don, lifting his sweat-streaked head from behind the freezer.

The newlyweds bought the Twisty Dip a week earlier from the sweet old couple who had run the ice cream shop for years. Both high school teachers with the warm season off, Don and Jenny thought the shop was a great investment and would be a nice summer job.

“Nothing,” said Jenny. “Freezer plugged in?”

“Yup, but I thought I saw a hole in the wall when I was down there. Remind me to patch it before we open.”

“You got it. You ready for our first sundae?” asked Jenny. “I know the good ice cream won’t be delivered until next week, so I picked up a pint from the gas station next door. I thought we could have a private bowl to celebrate.”

After bringing in some supplies, repainting the old sign, and crawling around on the dusty floor to get things plugged in, Don needed a break.

“That sounds amazing,” he said as she handed him a spoon.

Don lifted a healthy bite of fudge, sprinkles, and frozen goodness to his lips. “Are all of the toppings unpacked from the box then?” he asked before plunging the spoon into the darkness of his mouth.

“What box?” asked Jenny. “I found those chocolate sprinkles in the toppings cupboard.”

Just then, a furry shadow raced across the checkered floor. Don dropped his spoon and ran to the sink.

“These aren’t chocolate sprinkles,” he spat.


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