Friday 5 | Click-worthy Links

Wireless Computer Mouse with Wheel

Here are 5 more places online worth checking out:

  1. If humanity has an enemy in nature, it is the mosquito. I mean, humanity has a lot of enemies in nature, but most of them play some kind of important role in the ecosystem. Not mosquitoes. So I am all for this new plan to rid the world of these disease-peddling, irksome devils.
  2. New research on Vikings suggests that their seafaring reign of terror might have been simply because they loved adventure.
  3. I’ve seen some of these before, but this is a fun collection of authors and their unexpected job histories.
  4. In addition to the Viking things above, scientists have discovered the remains of some of the first Europeans settlers (obviously forgetting about the Vikings that roosted here way before Christopher Columbus and his pals) to put down roots in the New World.
  5. And if you’ve never really been satisfied by the explanation of how the pyramids got built (aliens, slave labor, giants playing with blocks), here’s a new theory about how such heavy limestone blocks could have been placed together with such accuracy and ease.


One thought on “Friday 5 | Click-worthy Links

  1. Dickens labeled jars?? GM mosquitoes?? I might be all for them, actually!
    And the Vikings were only good ole boys out to have some fun? Hmmm, might have to rewrite some text books! Heck, they’re already doing that now.

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