I am no fan of power outages.

I am typing this in Microsoft Word instead of the handy blogging window that I usually use. On the one hand, I won’t accidentally go to press with anything before it is ready (that Publish button is mighty close to the Save button). On the other hand, I may not stick to my posting schedule (but I’ll blame it on an act of God and not feel too bad).

The power is out. You don’t realize how much background noise there is until the power dies. Or perhaps the realization hits when the power comes back on in the middle of the night and everything turns on again.

There are two thoughts that occur to me as I type in the silence.

The first is that, in spite of the fact that I am sitting in bed in a house with a roof and a floor, it feels a little like I’m camping. I love the sounds of the storm outside and the absolute silence within. As soon as I’m done typing this up, I think I’ll use the light of the laptop to read a book (which is what you do when you camp, by the way; maybe you do it differently (or, as I like to say, wrong)).

The second thought is that I seem to be stuck inside a recent episode of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood that I saw with my daughters. In the episode, there is a storm that frightens the titular tiger. His parents respond with a handy song to use when you are scared (“Close your eyes and think of something happy”). The happy thoughts work wonders and Daniel Tiger finds his sense of calm in the storm.

After the storm, Daniel is faced with another frightening situation: the doctor’s office and a vaccination shot. Any guesses as to what the plans are for tomorrow morning? You guessed it. My girls have an appointment with the doctor, and I’m pretty sure that at least one of them is going to have to face the needle.

I’m hoping if life in my family continues to imitate Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood that in the next episode, Daniel Tiger is faced with the struggle of trying to manage too much money (“They say money can’t buy happiness, but I’m willing to try” could be the jingle for that one).

And with that happy thought to scare away my fears, I’m going to stop writing and go read a book by laptop light.

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