The Super Duper Baptist Church Bulletin

When I was in high school, my good friend John and I enjoyed spurring each other on in good works and creative pursuits. Well, maybe fewer good works than creative pursuits. One of the projects that we undertook was the creation of the youth group bulletin.

To be clear, no one asked us to make a youth group bulletin. We just thought it would be fun to do. AND IT WAS.

If memory serves (which it usually doesn’t), we only churned out four or five of these bulletins before we were asked to stop. My favorite one is not shown below, but it had a word search puzzle on the back with a word list that did not match the words in the puzzle in anyway.

Thanks to–what I can only assume are–the pack rat tendencies of our other good friend, Kristy, I am able to present to you two full editions of the Super Duper Baptist Church Bulletin.






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