Friday 5 | Click-worthy Links

Wireless Computer Mouse with Wheel

Here are 5 more places online worth checking out:

  1. Have you ever wondered what would happen if a terrorist got hold of a nuclear weapon and detonated it in the city where you work? Wonder no longer! Just drag the marker to your town and detonate a digital nuke.
  2. I know that writers have a thing for writing on a typewriter. I don’t personally have a thing for typing on a typewriter, but if I did, I’d be tempted to use this website that replicates the typewriter experience.
  3. You know how sometimes when you are watching a movie and you see a car and you wonder what type of car it is? Here’s the IMDB for vehicles:
  4. Cheese!
  5. Ever wonder how many years old you would be if you were born on a different planet within our solar system? Some planets move around the sun faster than others. For instance, if I were born on Uranus, my first birthday would be on the 12th December, 2066 (my Earth birthday was 33 years ago).


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