I am getting into artwork.

There are a few things that my wife and I just can’t seem to do: Take pictures with our camera (to be honest, I don’t even know where our camera is at the moment), enjoy seafood, or hang pictures or artwork on the wall. In the decade that we’ve been married, we just haven’t developed the knack for these things.

But on our recent trip to Chicago, we conquered two-thirds of them in one fell swoop. No, we didn’t enjoy any lake trout.* We visited The Art of Dr. Seuss Gallery at Water Tower Place on the Magnificent Mile.

Not only did they let us take photos (we borrowed a camera for the trip because–as mentioned previously–we don’t know where ours is now), but we found things that we would actually want to hang on the walls of our home.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There are only two obstacles to actually solving the “hanging pictures on the walls of our house” problem with these magnificent pieces.

  1. We are between permanent residences at the moment and the painting wouldn’t fit with our current decor.
  2. These paintings and art prints are crazy expensive and it would be difficult to justify the expense since they don’t serve a practical purpose in the same way that kitchen tools or clothing might.

In the meantime, now I know that this art gallery exists. And vicariously (if you didn’t already), now you do too.

Check out their website here.

*There is no amount of cajoling that you can do to convince me to enjoy fish. There have been people in the past who insist that the way that they prepare the scaly devils will somehow make them taste less like fish. To that argument, I offer this rebuttal: There are many things that are not fish that already taste less like fish; I will save you the trouble and eat them instead.


3 thoughts on “I am getting into artwork.

  1. I’ve found a few pictures books that I’ve considered buying for the singular purpose of chopping them up and framing the pictures.

    But I can’t help with the permanent residence thing, sorry.

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