In Light of the End of the World Yesterday


According to, which “shines the light on underreported news,” we may have all lived through an apocalyptic event yesterday. So, I guess congratulations are in order. Hooray for us!

If you haven’t read the article linked in the top sentence, take just a minute and fix that.

Okay, now that you know the facts (that there are too many things pointing to the end of days to ignore), let’s look at the actual news headlines yesterday. Surely, if there was anything apocalyptic happening around the globe, someone aside from TruthLamp would have noticed.

  • The pope visits the USA and dines with the homeless instead of congress.
  • Volkswagen’s CEO resigns amid a vehicle emissions scandal.
  • China’s president visits the USA to drum up some business.
  • Selfie deaths outnumber shark attack deaths.

Okay, maybe that last one is cause for alarm, but I think it falls short of the four horsemen riding through town collecting souls in the great harvest.

I think my favorite part of the article was the fact that it opened and closed with examples of failed prophecies. It warned against the dangers of predicting the end times, but then it said, “Aw, what the heck. Let’s do it anyway!” And then it presented a bullet list of possible signs of the apocalypse, including two Hollywood films that made mention of the 23rd of September.

Fortunately, the article also said that the final battle might not happen on this day exactly. It could just be sometime this week.

Here’s my take on apocalyptic prophecies: They are a bad idea. If they are really true, the only people who believe them are usually too distant from society’s core to have any influence over rationally thinking citizens. If they are false, then rationally thinking citizens have even more reason to disbelieve the fringes of the faith community who prophesied. Why even believe in God if He’s going to lie to you about the big finish?

It is possible that the writers of this article simply wanted to put people in a frame of mind to think about the possibilities that we may not live forever, and that we’ll be called to account for our actions. Perhaps it was to light a fire under our buns to spread the gospel before the lost have a fire lit beneath their buns eternally.

Whatever the case, even if their intentions were good, they were misguided. In the words of those theological giants of music, R.E.M., “It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine.”

One thought on “In Light of the End of the World Yesterday

  1. What if… The 7 days of creation are not “days” but are as in Hebrew periods or intervals of time like as Deuteronomy 22:35 suggests that days are as shoes or steps. Maybe the world is as the Greeks use the word ‘world’ to be ‘cosmos’ which means the ‘order of things’ as in an order of chaos becoming structured. 7 days then perhaps are 7 steps to take the beast man of CLAY and create the man made into understanding like God. From chaos to order where a new peace units the division of the inner world called the state or city called the new Jerusalem. Maybe then the final DAYS are the completion of a 7 Day journey to rest or rather peace (Jerusalem) called nirvana where spirit and mind find balance with body and a third of all things of the old world pass away so that the new may become complete and where Babylon (confusion) the great state of being is cast off forever more. Maybe revelation of truth called Christ is the freedom of the soul (psyche: Mind) our rather the freedom of thought called salvation… Food for thought. 7 days, 7 churches, plagues, seals, bowls, angels, hills, etc….

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