A Game of Thrones | Summer Reading

This past weekend, my wife and I got together with my coworker, Debbie, and her husband, Bruce, to play board games and eat pizza. Our guests met while working together at Baker Book House (in fact, back when they started, I was the store trainer and trained them how to be good employees), but due to a company policy against married people working together, one of them had to find another job. Of course, Bruce ended up finding a job in another local, indie bookstore.

Now, my wife and Debbie are part of a book club that is primarily made up of people with some connection to Baker Book House (employees, friends of employees, spouses of employees, you get the idea). I’m not going to say that I am jealous of their group, but I’m jealous of their group. True, I am part of a men’s Bible study that reads books and the Bible together. True, I am part of a writer’s group that gets together to discuss our own books and occasionally other books that pass in front of us. But neither of those are really a book club.

Our first book club book

So, Bruce and I decided to start our own reading club. Our first book is going to be George R. R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones. Though the book has been made into a faithful film adaptation by HBO, neither Bruce nor I have seen it, which is all to the good, as I am a firm believer in reading the book first when a filmed version is being made. This may make me a purist or a book snob, but I don’t care. Those names don’t bother me.”But when will you fit the reading in?” asked my wife, and rightfully so.

You see, my wife is pregnant and nearing the July due date and we are already parents of an adorable and energetic one-and-a-half year old. We also both work full-time and I do this writing thing when I have a moment or two to spare. Throw in family obligations and a small social life with friends and we already have a lot on our plate.

“I’ll find some time,” was my hopeful response.

Here’s the plan: Bruce and I are going to start now and read about 100 pages per week (it isn’t really that much). The book is a bit over 800 pages, so it will take about two months to finish. We’re going to meet up some time in August to discuss the book. We don’t know the date or the place yet. We’ll figure that out when the time gets closer.

Here’s the offer: If you want to be part of our book club, just mention your desire in the comments and read the book with us. Need the book? Get it here. If you are in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area in August and feel like being part of the discussion, you’re welcome to join us. I’m thinking that we’ll meet up in a public location anyway.

Here’ the challenge: What should the book club be called? We exist to balance the fact that our wives are part of a ladies book club which reads memoirs and pop fiction. I’m guessing that this book club that Bruce and I are starting is going to focus more on Fantasy/Sci-Fi or other more male-dominated genres or titles. Now, that doesn’t mean that we are excluding ladies from reading with us, it is just to define the type of books that we are going to read. If you have a book club name idea, leave that in the comments too.