I am out of touch with the cool music scene.

kongos_come_with_me_nowSince the death of Grooveshark, I’ve returned to Pandora. The thing I miss most about Grooveshark is the control I had over my playlist. On the other hand, by listening to Pandora, I am introduced to new and potentially awesome music. That’s just what happened the other day when I heard “Come with Me Now” by Kongos.

Unfortunately, Pandora doesn’t allow you to hit the repeat button on a song if you want to hear it again, so I hopped over to YouTube and searched for the song. I wasn’t sure if I was going to find anything or not. I mean, I just discovered the song, so what were the chances that anyone else had heard the song?

When I saw the number of video views, I discovered just how disconnected I am from pop culture. Something I thought was new already had over 33 million views.

Here’s the video in case you’d like to see it too, but chances are good that you already have.

Thinking back, I wondered if I had ever been on the ground floor of some pop culture movement. I came up with only one instance, and it is rather telling.

Before it blew up, I was one of the first hundred or so people to watch the PBS Mister Rogers Remix.

Does that make me even less cool? Probably to some. But Mister Rogers is still pretty cool in my book.