I have been incredibly fortunate throughout the years to have many good friends and a handful of close friends. I am most thankful for the fact that I am married to my best friend. Anyway, I wanted to share the following comic with you by Yumi Sakugawa.

Click the picture for the rest of the comic. It won’t take but a moment or two to read, and it’ll be worth it. More of my thoughts below.


I don’t know if you’ve felt the type of friend-love described in the comic, but I know that I have.

During my sophomore year of college, I became roommate to a guy who was vastly different from myself and all the better for it. He was unassuming, creative, and hard-working to a fault. We would stay up for hours on end, occasionally working on schoolwork, but often just talking or collaborating on interesting side-projects. Since college, we haven’t seen each other often, but when we do, we fall right back into roommate mode, without any of the awkwardness that time gaps sometimes cause.

Then, a few years back, I had a co-worker with whom I would talk about writing and marriage and life and God and whatever else. Our friendship happened fast. But then he got a different, better job and we didn’t have as much time together.

I didn’t love either of them like a spouse, but I reveled in their friendships. My time with them made me happier with myself. And when I could no longer spend as much time with them, I noticed.

Friend-love is special and worthwhile. And though rejection can be devastating, it is worth pursuing.

Do you have someone with whom you’d like to be friends? What’s holding you back?

I am a comic.

Not a comedian, though I do think I’m funny. Nope. A comic.


This is but one of the illustrations drawn by Dean Dettloff, a friend and coworker who is lending his artistic talents to the 2013 Baker Book House Summer Reading Program. Dean and I are working on a series of comics featuring our own store’s staff where Detective Joel follows the trail for the “Missing Summer Reading Program”. The comics will appear in the weekly activity sheets that get handed out with the program. It’s been fun so far, but it got a lot more fun seeing my beautiful self in 2D.

Stay tuned this summer for more updates with the reading program. And if you live in the West Michigan area, be sure to spread the word about the program to the kids and parents that you know. It’s free to join and tons of fun. Plus, you get rewarded for reading. What could be better?

Frugal Grooveshark Writes Like He’s Unshelved – or – Links!

Today’s links are aimed to make your writing life a bit easier and a bit more fun.

My buddy Bob wrote a guest post this week on Roger Colby’s blog about free tools for the frugal writer. He compiled a great list of resources, so rather than spoil the mystery and tell you what they were, here’s the link so you can find out for yourself.

If you are like me, you like to write (or work, or live) with a bit of music in the background. This link is to a site that provides access to full albums and lots of artists as well as radio stations for your favorite music genre. If you like Pandora, you’ll love Grooveshark, which only asks that you see one ad for every three hours of music, unlike Pandora which puts in an ad every three songs.

Are you fretting that you aren’t going to be the next Shakespeare? Maybe you are! If you haven’t tried out the online tool “I Write Like” yet, do it now. By the way, according to the site, this post so far says I’m the next Arthur Clarke. I could see that.

Lastly, if you love books and humor, you will probably enjoy this web-comic. I stumbled across Unshelved a few years ago, and since working in a bookstore is a lot like working in a library, I found it hilarious. Just don’t spend so long looking at it that you neglect your writing!

How I did this week. Also, fun links!It’s been a little while since I did a report card for myself. So this week, I’m going to give myself a B. I might have done better, but I had to take my laptop in to get fixed, and when it got returned, the keyboard didn’t work. As it happens, the guy who fixed it just forgot to reattach the keyboard cable inside the laptop. Easy fix, but it did mean that I didn’t get to write much on the night I went out to write. I did, however, manage to post everyday on my blog. I even have a new contest going! It is easier than the last one too, so don’t be afraid to try it out.

Thanks for reading!