Ask Josh | How Do I Find a Writing Agent?


Welcome to a new segment on my blog! If you have questions, I will try to answer them.

I was recently asked about how an author goes about finding representation. The question came from someone who was unable to come to my writers group’s recent event, Jot: The GR Writers Mini-Conference. This was the question:

Hi Josh,  I had all intentions of attending your last seminar but was unable to make it at  the last minute…bummer! :(

My young daughter and I have written a children’s book based on a true story  from her childhood.� I am looking for a literary agent….any ideas? Blessings, Kim McClimans :)

agentquery_screenshotKim, there’s one main resource that I think will help: I learned about AgentQuery from my friend and fellow Weakling, Bob Evenhouse, on his blog.

AgentQuery is a searchable database of publishing industry agents. And within a few clicks, I was able to identify a list of 38 agents who deal in children’s books, accept email queries, are members of the Association of Authors’ Representatives, and are actively looking for more clients. The site features links to each agency, so you can take a look at which authors they represent and how you might fit in.

Thanks for your question Kim!

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