Flash Fiction Challenge Entry | Matchstick, Shoe, Levitation

Dr. Mark Hedge was ridiculed in the physics community when his “Mentally-based Theory of Gravity” was released.

“Dr. Mind Over Matter” they called him.

He claimed the ability to move small objects with his mind: toothpicks, matchsticks, paperclips. Of course, no one had seen it.

“The process disrupts recording devices,” he claimed. “And my assistants have terrible timing. But I’m working out the problems and should soon be able to prove my work to my colleagues.”

When he arrived at the International Conference on Physics Science and Technology, his peers laughed, until they noticed his shoes not touching the floor.

Salvador Dali putting the theory to work.

Flash Fiction Challenge | 10 Options, 100 Words, Limitless Possibilities

This past week, I posted the following on my Facebook page:

So, I’ve been writing a lot of flash fiction (really short stories) recently and posting them on my blog. The problem is that, while I enjoy writing flash fiction, once I post it, I can’t submit it anywhere else for publication. My favorite thing about the flash fiction that I’ve been doing is writing to a prompt. So here’s the deal: I would like you to give me some prompts. They should be a word or a short phrase around which I can craft a story. If I choose your prompt, I’ll give you a sneak peek at what I’m submitting. Any ideas for me out there?

I got back some wonderful prompts, but one of them stood out among the rest. The contributor gave me a whole list of prompt ideas. She meant them to be taken individually, but what I saw was a challenge. Could I craft a story using all of these words? After that, ideas started to form and a story is already in the outline phases. So rather than offer you the same challenge using the same words, here’s the plan.

I’m going to list ten words below. Your challenge is to craft a 100 word story using any three of the words as inspiration. The words themselves don’t need to be used in the story, but the reader should be able to see where you got your inspiration, so include them in the title of your piece.

The Words: Soda, Matchstick, Ninja, Dragon, Popcorn, Shoe, Crimson, Light, Trash, Levitation.

Once you post the story on your blog, drop me the link in the comments and I’ll post it in the body of this blog. Use the image here to link back to this post so people can see what you are doing and why. Also, so they can read the other contributors. The deadline for posting your story is October 19th. After that, you are welcome to post in the comments, but I’ll no longer be adding it to the body of the blog.

Sound a lot like what Julia’s Place does every week? It is. I love the Julia’s Place 100 word challenges and liked the idea of starting my own.

And last, though I’ve offered prizes for these challenges in the past, I got the best response when the only prize was the feeling of job well done. So that’s what the prize is for this challenge as well. Good luck!

The List of Contestants Starts Here: