Bad Advice with Chico Martinez | How to Choose a Hairstyle

As we emerge from our sickly winter caves and stare into the warm sunlit spring around us, the first question that comes our lips is “¡Dios mío! What am I going to do with my hair?” It is the age-old question. But as always, Chico is here to help.

mullhawkImagine for a moment that hairstyles are like cookies. Delicious cookies. Some cookies are good on their own merit, like peanut butter cookies or chocolate chip cookies. But what happens when you mix cookie recipes? Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookies! That’s what! So let’s combine some hairstyles. Might I suggest the mullet/mohawk? Or Mullhawk? Delicious! Now let’s pour a tall glass of milk and bask in our awesomeness!

But if the Mullhawk isn’t your style (sadly, there are some who would say that it isn’t anyone’s style), consider a classic look: The Cue Ball. Shave that head! There is no better way to find out who your real friends are than if you shave your head and discover that it is covered in strange bumps and nodules. Your true friends will not shun you in public. As a side benefit, by shaving your head, you never have to worry about things like “hat hair”.

And for my last idea, if you did shave your head and you look awful, I’m sorry, but now you can freely experiment with the wonderful world of wigs! There are some who would tell you that wigs look awful all of the time. These people have no imagination! No foresight! Wigs are great because you never have to wash them and they always look great (I’ve never actually worn a wig though, and I know nothing about them, so you might actually have to wash them). The other upside here is that you don’t have to mess about with hair dyes and trips to the salon if you want to completely change your look. Just put on a new wig!

Now, get out there and change things up this season! Adios!