How do I make money from my flash fiction?

This Friday, I’ll be speaking at Jot: The GR Writers Mini-Conference on the topic of flash fiction. I’ve written about why writers should be writing flash fiction before, but I neglected one important reason: to get paid.

$5000 bill feat. James Madison. You could be earning these hand over fist.

You are only about 100,000 words away from earning this.

The following publications are all paying markets for flash fiction. Many of them pay 5 cents per word, which may not sound like a lot, but it adds up. If you are full of ideas and can craft a few stories a week with an average story length of 1,000 words per story, you could be making as much as some part-time jobs. True, all of your stories would need to be accepted in order for you to get paid, but those that aren’t accepted in one place can easily be submitted somewhere else.

The List:

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