Bad Advice with Chico Martinez | 4 Ways to Beat Writer’s Block

19th_century_knowledge_mechanisms_homemade_concrete_block_mold_partsHola! It’s your old pal Chico here. Do you ever get blocked up in your writing? Do your words run away when you need them most? Do sentences and paragraphs disappear like, um, something that disappears when you look for it? Well, fear not. Chico has four ideas to help you get out of that writing slump!

  1. Plagiarise! The good things are probably all written anyway, right? Why not just put your name to someone’s work and claim it as your own?
  2. Don’t call it writer’s block; call it research. Go to the library and look up obscure details about whatever it is you are supposed to be writing about. Or better yet, just sit in your house and use the internet! And when you are tired of researching your topic, take a break with some well-earned game/television time. You’ve earned it!
  3. Um, hmm.

I guess I didn’t have as many ideas as I thought. Lo siento! Anyway, back to playing games and plagiarizing for Chico!

I am a writer.

Writers write.I am a writer.

If you are a writer and you haven’t said these words out loud, say them now. As you know, there is power in words. Saying them, writing them down, they make something true. Words can never be unsaid.

It was a couple of months after I joined my writers’ group, The Weaklings, before I said those words out loud. I had been writing for a while, but had never claimed the title. I remember having a conversation with another member of the group about whether or not I should be telling anyone about my writing.

It isn’t that I was ashamed of it. It was more that I was afraid of it. To say it would make it true, and what if it wasn’t true? What if I was just a man with a hobby?

My friend assured me that he felt the same way, but we were still writers all the same.

“Writers write,” he said to me. “That’s the definition of being a writer.”

This definition has haunted me. There have been times since I first claimed the title that I have not written. I still attended writers’ group meetings, still read the right magazines, still made notes for my different projects, but when I had the chance to put pen to paper, I’d choose something else.

Why? I scorned writing for many reasons. Some were valid, like grief and taking the time to be a husband and father. Some were not, like video games, television, and laziness. Some were not, but seemed to be, like research, reading, and making notes. But whatever the case, in those times when I was not writing, I was failing the basic test of being a writer. Writers write.

So here I am, saying it once again, hoping that my will and creativity will meet my goal of putting pen to paper and I will finish the works that I have started. I want to make it real.

I am a writer.


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