What can you build with 62 Lego pieces?

lego_7009I love yard sales, especially when I they have Lego sets for sale. As you probably already know, I’m a sucker for Lego sets. And last Saturday, I found a missing set from a series that I collect and snatched it up for only $5.

Sweet deal!

My daughters “helped” me put it together, and we all had a good time.

As we assembled The Final Joust (Set # 7009), I was reminded of a Lego factoid I read a few years back. It stated that, at the time of publication, if all the Lego pieces in the world were divided equally among all the people of the world, everyone would get 62 pieces. After hearing this figure, I wondered what anyone could really make with only 62 pieces.

Well, lo and behold, The Final Joust is made up of exactly 62 pieces. So, what you can make is this:

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And if that doesn’t seem like much to you, then you aren’t looking hard enough. In terms of narrative play ability, this set contains within it an inherent good vs. evil scenario that can be played out on horseback or on foot, between a variety of combat modes, and that’s only when using the pieces as recommended by the instruction booklet.

If you deviate from the pictured scenario, you can have a scene where a knight is confronted by Death himself and must face the moral consequences of the life he led.


Or make a hundred other things, like miniature castles, a king’s throne, a stable, and so on. Because this is the true value of Lego. It is a toy that encourages creativity and story telling.

Do you have 62 Lego pieces lying around? What would you like to build?


Flash Fiction Challenge | Before, But After…

The last contest I did was fun for me, but it lacked in participation. Maybe my prize wasn’t good enough. Anyway, here’s the new contest:

Before, But After… – A One-Sentence Biography.

Craft a single sentence that provides a bit of depth on a character of your creation. Each biography should follow the format below.

Before he was arrested for tax evasion, but after his time as Lieutenant Governor  of Maryland, Jeff Small worked as the greeter for a major retail chain.


Before her body hit the bottom, but after she jumped from the heights of the Grand Canyon, 23-year-old Jennifer Bennington discovered that she was happiest when falling.

The one-sentence biography can be about an existing character or a completely original character to this contest. You also don’t have to be a writer to enter the contest, just willing to participate.

To enter, just leave your sentence in the comments of this post. A winner will be chosen at random from among the participants.

The prize: This set of books.

Set includes The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan, and The Emerald Atlas by John Stephens.

What are you waiting for?

The contest ends July 20th, 2012. All comments must be in by then. And like usual, I can only ship within the continental US.