The Hobbit in 5 Installments

As you may know, the creators of the film, “The Hobbit” have decided to split the single, slim volume into multiple cinematic events. What you may not know is that it takes my family multiple sittings to finish even the first installment. Five sittings, to be exact.

The movie is about three hours long. And once you set aside the fact that the creators of the film stretched and added to the original story of the book, you’ll probably agree that it is a great film. But being as long as it is, people with small children/limited amounts of discretionary time/small bladders/etcetera find that the film is just too long to enjoy in one sitting. Fortunately, there are some great scene breaks, perfect for pausing for short periods to stopping to enjoy the next day.

This is one of the things that you need to consider when you are planning on having kids. I spoke the other day about the difficulty in planning/executing a get-together with another family, but you also need to consider how adding children will affect your consumption of media. In most cases, this means less feature-length films (at least, watching them in one sitting) and more books or short television episodes (Netflix is great while babies are nursing, as long as your baby doesn’t want to watch too). Another skill to hone when you become a parent is the ability to create mental bookmarks, so you’ll know where you left off in any kind of book/movie/episode and can pick it up again quickly.

Does is bother me to have to watch movies like this? Not really. With the Hobbit, the story is developed enough that I can pause it for hours and days without losing the thread, which cannot be said about movies that are wholly special-effects driven. Is it worth it to watch movies like this? Sure thing. Not only because it is a good movie, but because it gives┬áme an excuse to sit still and snuggle my wife. And I’ll take all the excuses that I can to do that.