Books as Time Travel


I’m sure that I’m not the only person fascinated by the idea of time travel. After all, who doesn’t love at least one of the Back to the Future movies?

And while I understand that we are all time travelers (albeit in the same direction and at more or less the same pace), I love the idea of being in control of time. I could visit different eras, meet my favorite U.S. President (Chester A. Arthur, president in the late 1800’s), and prevent historical atrocities. It is one of the root ideas of science fiction. The classic what could have been.

But while we may lament that time is still our master instead of the other way around, there are loopholes to this rule. Books, specifically, allow us to travel through time.

I’ve heard it said that writing is closer to thinking than talking. Thus reading books is akin to reading a person’s thoughts. And when a book is written, those thoughts are trapped in the amber of time, waiting patiently for unwary readers to bring them to life, thus enabling a telepathic connection between the writer and the reader over a span of impossible years.

Is it anything less than incredible that we can read the thoughts and words of people who lived thousands of years ago? Those authors and writers are traveling through time, unbound by death, to influence the readers of today. And so I am proud to be a writer. To drop my thoughts into bits of amber and travel to the future.

Have you had any good telepathic time travel sessions lately?

100 Word Challenge | The line was drawn…

Tor Greyson was, is, and will be a time traveler. You could say it was his fate, but causality gets a bit confusing when you go mucking about with time.

The lights flashing, the experiment underway, the line was drawn, then crossed, and the explosion hurtled Tor from the beginning of the cosmos to the bitter end.

Some say he is the only one with true freedom of will. That would be comforting if he had any idea what he was doing.

But Tor is, was, and forever will be a scared three year old, unable to control the greatest power in the universe.