The Votes Are In!

The other day, I asked the question, “Do Zombies Think or Feel?”

zombie_pie_chartHere’s the breakdown of how folks voted:

  • 33% – No way! They crave brains because they can’t use them. Duh!
  • 17% – Of course! Zombies were people too!

As to interpreting this data, it seems that fully half of the respondents were zombies already, which might make the case that zombies are at least able to use computers and so would be able to think on some level (though one could also argue that it is the computers that are turning people into zombies in the first place). If we remove the zombie numbers, the majority of voters don’t believe zombies to be capable of thought. This holds up to most of the zombie media out there.

And yet…

commission__zombie_zoo_animals_by_schillingart-d5vivdtAs my wife and I talked about her surveying her coworkers with this same question, they brought out some interesting points about zombie thought. If the movies are to be believed, zombies must retain some level of problem-solving ability in order to navigate their way to the streets, to notice when a light has been turned on, to notice the difference between humans and fellow zombies. In other words, zombies operate on a roughly animal-level of intelligence (but probably not dolphin levels; those things are smart).

But no one thought that zombies retained any emotional intelligence. After all, zombies are most likely to attack those closest in proximity to them, which is usually going to be their loved ones. So unless becoming a zombie simply reveals a deep-rooted hatred of family and friends that was pre-existing in just about every case, zombies no longer have the emotional capability of deference toward loved ones.

Do you have any additional thoughts on zombies that weren’t covered here? I’d love to hear them in the comments!

Also, if the zombie apocalypse does happen, make sure you read this post to be prepared.