A waist is a terrible thing to mind.

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So, I have been losing weight recently. Thanks to the head start came from having a cold/sore throat, I dropped about ten pounds without trying.

On the upside, my pants aren’t fitting well anymore. On the downside, I’ll need to get new pants and I hate spending money (on things that aren’t Lego sets or books).

But if I’m going to get new pants anyway, I might as well try to get down to a reasonable weight and buy pants for that size rather than waste money on intermediate pairs. And so I am becoming less of a culinary hypocrite.

By “culinary hypocrite” I mean that my wife and I make sure that our kids have good, balanced meals with fruits and vegetables, protein and very few sweets. Heck, we even water down their juice because most juices are too sugary to actually be healthy (also, it makes it cheaper when you can stretch it farther). But my own meals looked nothing like my kids’. As soon as I started preparing foods for myself, I pretty much ate what I wanted to and as much of it as I wanted to without considering what would actually be healthy for me.

Ah, the care free days of gaining weight.

Now that I have decided to start losing it, I want to do it smart. I don’t want to go on a diet, but that doesn’t sound like any fun. Nor do I want to shun the foods that I have grown to love. Instead, my wife and I have started trying to balance our meals a bit more, making them more closely resemble what we feed to our kids. We eat more fruits and vegetables. We put smaller portions on our plates (which also helps us have more leftovers for easily made lunches for work). We limit ourselves to one small dessert a day. And I’ve been trying to limit my pop/soda intake to 44 oz. per week (this allows for two 22 oz. drinks, a 32 oz. drink and a 12 oz. can, or one 44 oz. thing and I like having options).

Curse you, Speedway, with your delicious and affordable drinks!

Curse you, Speedway, with your delicious and affordable drinks!

On that last point, I should tell you that I have a love/hate relationship with Speedway gas stations/convenience stores. Speedway has the absolute best frozen Cokes around. Their stores are all over where I live (locations within walking distance of my home and work).  And this month, they are having a special on all their fountain/frozen beverages where any size is 99 cents. And I would naturally love that special, but for the fact that I’m trying to lose weight. Why couldn’t they have down this when I was blissfully ignorant of the sickening number on my bathroom scale?

Anyway, it’s probably a good thing, because a few years ago when I took full advantage of this type of special, I ended up in the hospital with kidney stones. So, I guess it isn’t all bad that I’m trying to cut down. Don’t get me wrong, the morphine that I got in the hospital was great, but the kidney stones kinda stunk.

So, I’m trying to eat healthier. I’m not dieting, but I am more aware of the things that I’m putting into my body. I guess the next, logical step would be to exercise more. Fortunately, Craigslist is brimming with practically unused home gym equipment from other well-meaning but not-motivated people trying to get rid of the physical evidence that they aren’t working out. My wife and I are hoping for an elliptical for cheap.

And then, once I finally get down to my goal weight (I’d like to be around 175 lbs), I’ll be happy to get new pants and abandon my 38/30’s. Until then, maybe I should invest in some suspenders.


2 thoughts on “A waist is a terrible thing to mind.

  1. I heard once on the radio that one’s waist should never exceed their inseam. I forget what show. I found it intriguing enough to remember but clearly it favors the tall vs compact. Like your approach. Seems like a reasonable approach to lifestyle choices vs diet. Which I also believe never works long term.

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