A Killer Love Song

Guitar Macro 1So, I came across a song I wrote a while back. Rather, I came across the lyrics and the tune escapes me. If you are musically inclined, feel free to make up a tune and make the song famous. Just remember to give me proper attribution and my half of the profits.

A Killer Love Song

Verse 1
I’m not gonna kill you with a gun.
I’m not gonna poison you, that wouldn’t be much fun.
I’m not gonna stab you in the dark.
I’m not gonna throw you in a pool full of sharks.

Cause I’m gonna kill you with kindness.
And I am gonna love you to death.
So if you wanna put on a nice dress,
We are gonna paint the town red.

Verse 2
I’m not gonna hit you with my car.
I’m not gonna get you with a ninja throwing star.
I’m not gonna disembowel your guts.
I’m not gonna slice you with a million paper cuts.

Not gonna cut your brakes
Not gonna eat your face
Not gonna tie you to a rocket bound for outer space.


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