5 Ways to Stimulate Your Creativity by Rachel E. Watson


5 Ways by Rachel WatsonMy well of ideas runs dry more often than I’d like. If I had my druthers, it would never run dry at all. But it does. I’ll wake up one day, and I’m all drained of creative energy. I can’t think of what to write.

If your well also runs dry, here are a few tricks for refilling it:

  1. Travel. Take a full-fledged vacation, a simple day trip to the beach or a park, or even an hour-long walk in your neighborhood to the local library or ice cream parlor. You’ll see sights along the way that will help get your creative juices flowing.
  1. Daydream. Relax in your backyard, if the weather cooperates. If it’s raining, stare out the window and let your eyes notice everything they want to notice. Fantasize about what you see. Let your imagination run wild with possibility. And then write about it.
  1. Doodle or color. I read an article recently that said coloring is good for adults because it helps us combat stress, get in touch with our senses and express our creativity. It exercises a different kind of creativity than writing does. But I’ve found that artistic pursuits tend to feed off and stimulate other artistic pursuits. There’s a reason why some artists keep a blog, and some writers paint as a hobby. It helps increase creativity.
  1. Exercise. I wrote a whole blog post on this recently, noting that motion helps clear your mental cobwebs, provides opportunities for people-watching, enhances your self-discipline and boosts your energy levels. All of those things can help you get through the creative dry spell you’re facing.
  1. Play. If you have kids, engage with them in games, fort-building, swimming, reading together or playing outside. If you don’t have kids, hang out with your nieces or nephews. I’m always amazed at how an hour or two with the little ones in my life can refresh my perspective on the world. Even if you don’t know any little ones, you can find other ways to embrace play in your life. It’s all about re-learning curiosity and wonder.

My hope is that, if you’re struggling through a dry spell, trying one or more of these tips will help restore your well and revive your joy.

Go forth and create!


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