Dove Review | The Summer of the Wolves

As I mentioned before, I am a freelance reviewer for the Dove Foundation, an organization whose goal is:

to encourage and promote the creation, production, distribution and consumption of wholesome family entertainment.

This includes books.

So far, I have reviewed one book for the Dove Foundation. That book is Lisa Williams Kline’s Summer of the Wolves, the first in her Sisters in All Seasons series.

Read the review here.


4 thoughts on “Dove Review | The Summer of the Wolves

    • I did. I read with a highlighter and lit up every word, phrase, or idea that was slightly questionable. Then after I finished the book, I went back through and listed everything out in the proper form. I’m pretty sure that whoever reads this book after me is going to think I’m some kind of nut for highlighting all the questionable bits as though they were the most important.

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