I am Proud to be a Weakling

I am a Weakling.Great things have been happening in my writers group, The Weaklings.

One of our members, Andrew Rogers, has been named as a finalist in a Michigan writing contest. Andrew and I met quite a while ago (see the full story here), and have been encouraging each other to write ever since. His story, Archived, is available to be read via this link. Be sure to vote for him (you can vote once a week per computer).

In other Weaklings news, we are moving forward in planning Jot: The GR Writers Mini-Conference. It’s a one-night writers conference that is free to attend. It’s being held at Baker Book House at 2768 East Paris Ave. SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49546 on Friday, February 8th. As one of the presenters, I’ll be speaking on the topic of flash fiction. Be sure to follow our Jot blog for all the latest posts and news. I recently wrote a post over there about what people can expect from Jot. I hope to see you there!

Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to vote for Andrew!

7 thoughts on “I am Proud to be a Weakling

    • The full story is here, but the short answer is five or six years ago. We formed the Weaklings from scratch, learning as we went along. Three of the four of us had never been in a writers group before, but with the help of the fourth member, we found a good system for encouragement and accountability.

      Are you in a writers group, Erin?

      • My husband and I had started one with two other people, pre-parenthood, but our goals (critique, improved writing, publication), interests (literary fiction and suspense), and effort level (always prepared with comments on everyone’s writing) did not match the other members’ goals (indiscernible), interests (cozy mystery with an agenda and horses), and effort level (tapering quickly to simply not showing up). I’d love to get into a serious group at some point but I’m not really sure where to start.

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