The world doesn’t need another blog.

my blog modelBut here it is anyway.

My name is Josh Mosey. I’m a happily married man who works full-time in a bookstore. My wife is an accountant who works for a company that sells color. I’m bad at math and colorblind. Together, we make sense. We also make babies. Our oldest is a year and half old as of this post. Our newest has a couple more months of blissful ignorance before being thrust into this messy thing we call the world.

Why do a blog? In addition to being a husband, a father, a bookstore employee, bad at math, and colorblind, I am also a writer. I write speculative fiction and humorous flash fiction.

Speculative fiction is the umbrella term that hold things like sci-fi, fantasy, and dystopian literature. Think Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Hunger Games.

Flash fiction is really short stories. I mean really short. Usually 500 words or less. Most of my flash fiction revolves around a pair of roommates, Thom and Tom. These stories are perfect for readers (and writers) with short attention spans.

As of yet, I’m not published and I don’t have an agent. But I do have stories. I have ideas. And now I have a blog.

Watch out world!

13 thoughts on “The world doesn’t need another blog.

  1. WordPress DEFINITELY needs more flash fiction blogs. There are way too many photo blogs and cooking blogs. Anyone can buy a good dslr and read a recipe book….not everyone can write well. I wish you every success good sir…

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